How To Recreate Popular Hairstyles From The 2016 Logies

Here’s how you can recreate some these gorgeous hairstyles from the recent Logie Awards.

Each style will require you start with a clean dry base. So, whichever look you are recreating always start by washing you’re the night before (or that morning if you have fine, dull or oily hair).

I recommend doing x2 shampoos to make sure your hair is squeaky clean, then a light condition (just enough to smooth and detangle).

It is most important not to leave any product residue behind otherwise you won’t be able to get enough volume in your hair, so give it an extra rinse in the shower to begin….


Delta’s look:

  1. Taking large 2” horizontal sections, starting on top of the head. The width of each section can be the distance between the highest arch point of your eyebrows. Comb the first section straight towards the ceiling (making sure it free of knots) and using a large tong, curler or rotating brush, curl the section from roots to tips, directioning the curl back off your face. Give it spritz of medium hold spray (or brush out) like Natulique and place down gently or pin in it’s formed curl for extra hold.
  2. Continue in the same fashion taking the same sized section directly behind the first until you’ve worked right down to the nape of the neck.
  3. Coming back to the front hairline, take 2” sections again but this time vertically. Again directing the hair back off your face, curl, spray and pin each section. Do the same with the remaining hair in both sides of your head.
  4. Once the last curl you did is completely cooled, un pin all the curls.
  5. Rake your fingers through the style (and do this with your head upside down for more volume).
  6. Lightly spritz again with your medium hold spray.


Carrie’s look:

  1. Using a medium barrel sized tong, curl all your hair directioning the curl away from your face in large vertical sections. (using a smaller tong and larger sections can save some time). Be sure to comb each section out before curling to remove knots, and lightly spritz each section once curled with a medium hold spray.
  2. Leaving out some face framing curls, scoop the rest into a low ponytail. (Soften with a loose pony, or slick it back more depending on your taste).
  3. Split the pony in two and rope twist it to the ends.
  4. Wrap the rope around on itself to form a bun and pin it in place with grips.
  5. Once you are happy with your final look, spray it all in place.


Bec’s look:

  1. Section your hair in two from ear to ear.
  2. Tie the back section into a ponytail on your crown (pick the spot that suits your face).
  3. Working on the front section. Take horizontal back sections starting from your front hairline on the top of your head. Be more gentle around the hairline, getting most height and volume further back closely to your ponytail.
  4. Spray each backcombing section as you go.
  5. Using a soft bristle brush, very gently smooth the hair out on the sides and the front of your hairline. (Be careful not to smooth too much or it will flatten).
  6. Direct all the front section all towards the pony behind.
  7. Once you have the desired look and height, pin in place as close the ponytail base as possible.
  8. You can now take a small section of ponytail and wrap it around the base elastic and secure with a pin.
  9. For extra volume in your pony, you can also wrap sections of it around a curling wand.

Happy Styling,


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